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Pet Talk: Parrot nutrition
The Rock River Times

Pet Talk: Parrot nutrition

The Rock River Times, Illinois - September 25, 2016

Proper nutrition is an important part of living a healthy life for both people and animals. We donât always get the proper nutrition we need, and poor ...


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How to not fail your next diet, Oklahoma - September 25, 2016

No, not the celebrities, lifestyle "gurus" or doctors that are promoting a specific diet, the actual registered dietitians, who have extensive education in nutrition, behavior change/psychology and physiology. Dietitians understand what your body needs and what ...


Bird Watch: Diet is key factor in health of young birds
Tulsa World, Oklahoma - September 25, 2016

Swallows raised with high quality fats such as those present in aquatic insects grew faster and were healthier than swallows raised with lower quality foods, even if the birds on the low quality diet were given more food overall.âYou are what you eatâ seems to ...


Stress can erase the benefits of healthful diet
Herald & Review, Illinois - September 24, 2016

New research on women, stress and diet amply illustrates that sad fact. It shows that even when women greeted a new day with a âbetter-for-youâ fast-food breakfast, that mealâs expected health-promoting qualities were washed away by the carry-over effects of ...


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