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Burning calories with little or no exercise routine

3 years ago
(Jan 6, 2016)

It is possible that you are occupied with so many things, and you hardly find time to exercise regularly. If this is true, you should know that you are putting on weight simply because you are not exercising.
So, exercise should be a part of your routine. However, if you notice that your schedule is cramped up, and there is no scope for exercise, you should check out the following ways in which you can burn calories.

1. Stand more than you sit: This is simple. You can work even when you are standing. So, make it a point to lose some calories daily by simply standing. While sitting in the same position for too long, you will do the opposite; put on calories.

2. Silly simple activities: If you are seated for most of the time, make it a point to do some silly simple activities like tapping your feet, flexing your muscles, drumming your fingers, moving your head in circles, simple eye exercises, shrugging your shoulders and so on. These simple movements will help you feel the difference and help you lose some calories. So, make sure that you opt for these activities and enjoy your time while losing some calories. These activities can even help you stay active. So, try them out.

3. Find an ideal parking spot: An ideal parking spot would be one that is at least 200-300 meters away from your destination. We stress on ‘at least.' So, if you want to lose some more calories, make sure that you park it even farther away from your destination. This way, you will not realize, but you are losing some calories. This is extremely important when you are moving out to enjoy a meal in the restaurant. So, with plans to dine out, make sure that you do not find a prime parking spot and choose one that is at least 200-300 meters away from the restaurant.

4. Walk around in your Office: During office breaks, make sure that you move while you communicate with others. Often, we try to communicate with others only when we feel like we should communicate with them. However, we do that while sitting on our comfortable chairs. Change your style and opt for a routine in which you are working towards a comfortable you. Move around and you will complete your walk session without even noticing the fact. This will help you burn enough calories on a daily basis.

5. Be flexible: With your thought of being flexible, you will notice that you are losing weight and enjoying the activity at the same time. So, look for ways to be flexible. Touching your toes is one of the ways in which the purpose can be achieved.