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Birthday cupcakes exempt from nutrition guidelines

Birthday cupcakes exempt from nutrition guidelines

KRBD - April 15, 2014

Last week, the Ketchikan School Board adopted new student nutrition and physical activity guidelines, but only after inserting a âcupcake clause.âThe ...


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Eating meat: When food is about more than diet
Anchorage Daily News, Alaska - January 18, 2020

Skip to main Content Author: Christine Cunningham| Alaska hunting & outdoors Updated: 1 hour ago Published 1 hour ago Dinner in duck camp. (Photo by Steve Meyer) Support independent, local journalism in Alaska. Comments 1‘You’re a ...


Almost $200000 cut from school district Nutrition Services
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Alaska - June 20, 2015

Nutrition Services, unlike most school district departments, is considered an âenterpriseâ fund. That is, its funds are kept separate from other departments. At the end of the year, Nutrition Services is expected to have balanced its revenues and


Clues emerging about Arctic gene, diet and health
Alaska Dispatch, Alaska - November 30, 2014

Now, there is evidence that the historic diet based on foods like muktuk and seal and walrus meat has been imprinted on the genes of Inupiat, Yupik and other northern peoples, with health effects that are potentially dangerous for babies and young children but ...


2 Your Health: Diet and nutrition for cancer patients, Alaska - November 12, 2014

When Robert Heyne was diagnosed with stage three esophageal cancer in Nov. 2013, the large mass growing in his esophagus made it impossible for him to swallow. "Nothing was going past my esophagus so they had me on a liquid diet and I stayed on that


Nordic diet a heart-smart alternative
Alaska Dispatch, Alaska - September 4, 2014

A Nordic diet is just as healthy as a Mediterranean one, a new study shows.The Nordic diet combines game meat, fish, berries, root vegetables, mushrooms, whole wheat bread and rapeseed oil. And the traditional diet seems to contribute to lowering the risk of cardiovascular ...


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