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Why this diet praised by Jennifer Aniston could work for you
Atlanta Journal Constitution

Why this diet praised by Jennifer Aniston could work for you

Atlanta Journal Constitution - August 24, 2017

The goal of the Alkaline Diet is avoiding disease and losing weight. The diet claims that you can do this by eating specific foods that make your body ...


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A diet I never thought I'd go on has changed the way I eat
Post Searchlight, Georgia - July 14, 2017

When I was home for Easter in April, my two oldest sisters slammed down a huge tome onto the kitchen table and began pouring over the pages.It was a diet book, some program called âWhole30â that was guaranteed to change the chemistry in your gut and cure all ...


Hall school nutrition director going to Washington to oppose federal block grants for meals
Gainesville Times, Georgia - April 2, 2017

The person responsible for making sure thousands of Hall County students get a hearty breakfast and lunch each school day is joining peers from around the country in Washington, D.C., to lobby against paying for school meals with block grants. Block


How Healthy Is Your Diet? A New Urine Test Can Answer the Question for You
Paste Magazine, Georgia - February 3, 2017

Study co-author Dr. Isabel Garcia-Perez said said that researchers âneed to develop the test further so we can monitor the diet based on a single urine sample, as well as increase the sensitivity. This will eventually provide a tool for personalized


Corn-based diet turns hamsters into cannibals
Mother Nature Network, Georgia - January 29, 2017

Apparently, it's a diet that's rich in corn. And the scary thing is, a similar diet has the potential to turn humans into demented cannibals too, reports epidemic has its roots in a condition called pellagra, which is caused by a deficiency in vitamin ...


What Is The DASH Diet, and Why Is It So Effective?
Paste Magazine, Georgia - January 23, 2017

Unlike better known diets such as Weight Watchers or the Jenny Craig Diet, the DASH diet's main priority isn't weight lossâit's merely an added bonus. Instead, the DASH diet, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, aims to lower high ...


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