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Rob Gronkowski's new routine, diet has him in good health
Boston Herald

Rob Gronkowski's new routine, diet has him in good health

Boston Herald - August 23, 2017

And after a healthy offseason and some changes to his routine, Gronkowski might just feel the best he’s ever felt.Yesterday offered a snapshot. Gronkowski ...


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Zdeno Chara's diet and fitness routine sounds a lot like Tom Brady's, Massachusetts - October 30, 2017

Boston Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara, who turned 40 in March, also says he owes his longevity to decades of meticulously tracking workouts and following a considered diet. Described in a recent Wall Street Journal article, the 6-foot-9 NHL playerâs rou


Rob Gronkowski has adopted the Tom Brady workout/diet plan
The Boston Globe, Massachusetts - August 2, 2017

FOXBOROUGH â As Wednesday morning's Patriots training camp practice wound down, Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady secluded themselves from the rest of the workout. They kneeled side by side near midfield, while the special teams unit repeated punt ...


The human sacrifice diet
Ars Technica, Massachusetts - June 18, 2017

During the final two centuries of the Shang Dynasty (1600-1046 BCE) in China, thousands of people were sacrificed at the state capital Yinxu. Some were dispatched with great fanfare, buried with rich grave goods, while others appear to have been sacrificed with ...


Chelmsford native helped develop QB's diet plan
Lowell Sun, Massachusetts - June 18, 2017

Now 36, Campbell has co-authored the "TB12 Nutrition Manual" with Tom Brady, will deliver a TEDx Talk this month and will release another cookbook with Julie Loria, owner of the Miami Marlins, later this year.And that whole journey, he said, started out in the ...


Gisele Bundchen admits she's responsible for Tom Brady's insane diet, Massachusetts - May 17, 2017

Tom Brady has credited his unconventional diet with allowing him to perform at a top level as heâs gotten older, extolling his dietâs virtues in interviews and releasing a nutrition manual/cookbook.As it turns out, the Patriots quarterbackâs switch ...


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