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Nicholson focuses on nutrition

Nicholson focuses on nutrition - April 8, 2017

Nicholson students were energized with knowledge about nutrition this week. Purdue students who are working on their Masters degrees in Public Health recently ...


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Common childhood nutrition concerns
Baltimore Sun (blog), Maryland - October 20, 2017

The next step would be to start a heart healthy diet in the toddler years. This means using low fat dairy products beginning at age 2. Consider introducing seafood and poultry early and avoid fried foods. Make a habit of eating at home. Children who have more meals ...


High fat diet displays health benefits in mice
Johns Hopkins News-Letter, Maryland - September 21, 2017

The Bacon Diet. Believe it or not, there is an actual diet colloquially known as the Bacon Diet, and it may just stave off illness, help you lose weight, help you become stronger, give you more energy and help you live longer.This eating plan does not consist of ...


Hashimoto's thyroiditis — will diet alone help?
Frederick News Post (subscription), Maryland - December 13, 2016

Dear Mayo Clinic: I just turned 30 and recently was diagnosed with Hashimotoâs thyroiditis. Iâm wondering about whether it can be cured or if I will have to take medication for the rest of my life. Iâve read the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet may help. Is this ...


Liberia to Reduce Malnutrition through Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture
Liberian Daily Observer, Maryland - December 8, 2016

Liberia, like other West African countries, continues to face high levels of malnutrition especially among children under five who suffer from stunting. Impeded (delayed) growth is one of the most common indicators of malnutrition. Stunting is partly ...


Proper nutrition and exercise important for both cancer prevention and recovery
Carroll County Times, Maryland - October 10, 2016

According to Carroll Hospital's community nutrition educator Melanie Berdyck, the American Institute for Cancer Research indicates that one-third of common cancers can be prevented through diet and lifestyle changes."A lot of this could be avoided if we just took ...


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