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Americans are getting a failing grade in nutrition literacy
Bangor Daily News

Americans are getting a failing grade in nutrition literacy

Bangor Daily News - May 17, 2017

If I asked you, “Who do you trust?” you would probably name a friend or family member — unless the topic is nutrition. Odds are your nearest ...


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How to diet on the run
Bangor Daily News, Maine - April 22, 2017

One of the most onerous aspects of losing weight is all the planning. Most people who have ever considered, much less attempted weight loss know that planning is key. It’s so important that dieters live by motivational quotes such as, “Those who fail to plan ...


Easy ways to add a healthy new vegetable — seaweed — to your diet
Bangor Daily News, Maine - March 23, 2017

A Nutrition-packed Drink: Mix 1-2 tsp. into water, stir and drink as soon as possible (it will form a gel in less than a minute). Chase with juice. Or try mixing directly into juice.Drink variations: Mix with any dehydrated green, purple, red or orange drink mix. ...


Can a Mediterranean diet keep your brain from shrinking as you age?
Bangor Daily News, Maine - January 13, 2017

As we age, our brains shrink. Especially the parts that we rely on to learn, remember, and do other important mental activities. What if, by just following a certain diet, we could slow down the process?A new study suggests that it might be possible. It found an ...


Nourishing Nutrition — Making Everyone Happy: Cooking During the Holiday Season
Freepress Online, Maine - December 15, 2016

The following scenario, for example, is not farfetched: your sister-in-law is gluten-free, your nephew is vegan, your uncle has diabetes, and your brother avoids all grains, legumes, and dairy â version of the Paleo diet. If this is you â stop. Take


Antioch senior pantry provides food, nutrition for elderly
Times Record, Maine - December 11, 2016

With its mission of delivering food to the elderly, the Antioch Senior Mobile Pantry plays a critical role in the lives of many area residents. The Senior Mobile Pantry was founded about six years ago as one of the many facets of Antioch Consolidated Association ...


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