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Nutrition program generates local economic benefit
Ontario Argus Observer

Nutrition program generates local economic benefit

Ontario Argus Observer - March 26, 2017

In 2016, the Women, Infants and Children supplemental nutrition program served 2,635 individuals in Malheur County. Some of those women and children were ...


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Multivitamins can't replace a healthy, balanced diet, Oregon - April 21, 2017

The short answer is that for most patients, we believe that if youâre eating a balanced diet, one that includes whole grains, a variety of vegetables and fruits, adequate lean protein and dairy products, there is no need for a multivitamin. However, when a patientâs ...


'Healthy' sweeteners, protein-powerhouse quinoa and other nutrition myths, debunked
Mail Tribune, Oregon - August 26, 2016

And of course, you'll have less to "cleanse" if you don't drink too much alcohol, smoke or rely on a diet filled with processed foods. --- Registered dietitian Cara Rosenbloom is president of Words to Eat By, a nutrition communications company specializing in writing ...


The celebrity diet that has some science behind it
Bend Bulletin, Oregon - May 26, 2016

In today's pop culture vernacular, it's an insult to be called basic â the opposite of cool and trendsetting. But in the nutrition world, being basic, as in alkaline, is aspirational, with popular books, websites and celebrities all endorsing a pH


The 'Fasting Mimicking Diet' could dramatically slow aging and ward off disease, study finds, Oregon - April 15, 2016

It's called the Fasting Mimicking Diet, and the Washington Post reported that Valter Longo, one of the study's authors, "is already talking about trying to get approval from the Food and Drug Administration so that it can be recommended for patients.""It's about ...


Oregon Local News - Foster 'road diet' eats at some merchants
Portland Tribune, Oregon - March 15, 2016

TRIBUNE PHOTO: JONATHAN HOUSE - Rush-hour traffic moves up and down the four A culture clash is raging on Foster Road in Southeast Portland, and the ...


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