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EATING WELL: Where Mediterranean foods meet the diet
Indiana Gazette

EATING WELL: Where Mediterranean foods meet the diet

Indiana Gazette - April 30, 2017

The Mediterranean Diet is said to be one of the most healthful in the world. It emphasizes fruits and vegetables while minimizing red meat. It features ...


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Quad (subscription), Pennsylvania - February 13, 2017

When choosing a drink to reload those electrolyte levels, check out the nutrition levels for additives such as high fructose corn syrup, glucose, fructose, sweeteners and dyes. If these types of sports drinks aren’t for you, try looking for water with added electrolyte ...


Life Lessons: Nutrition myths
WFMZ Allentown, Pennsylvania - November 23, 2016

45 million Americans diet each year, but two-thirds of Americans are still overweight or obese. One reason could be misinformation about what’s “healthy”. Here are some nutrition myths not to be fooled by.Myth number one: coffee is bad for you. But is it? ...


Life Lessons: Nutrition in a pill: Worth it or worthless
WFMZ Allentown, Pennsylvania - October 10, 2016

It can be challenging to get all the nutrients you need for a healthy diet which is why many people turn to supplements, including vitamins and dietary pills. Some experts say they can help, while others say they are not worth the money. But do they really make ...


Diet 'obsessed' Pa. mom fed malnourished infant only small amounts of nuts and berries: Police, Pennsylvania - October 6, 2016

Elizabeth Hawk, 33, of Uniontown, is charged with child endangerment as a result of her alleged devotion to the vegan diet plan, one family members say caused her son to suffer from rashes so severe they impeded his ability to crawl and impeded his deve


Fettke's low-carb diet wins support
The Mercury, Pennsylvania - October 4, 2016

His position appears to be supported by the Diabetes NSW/ACT website, which says people on a low-carb diet show âgreater reductions in their diabetes medication requirements, greater improvements in their blood lipid profile and better blood glucose ...


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