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Mediterranean Diet Could Improve Heart, Brain Health
KELOLAND TV, South Dakota - August 6, 2015

75-year-old Kaye Smith and her husband are on a mission to eat healthier after suffering from heart problems."I had the defib and the pacemaker put in," Smith said. "I don't like fish, but I will eat some."The Alexandria couple is trying the Mediterranean diet ...


Diet Good For Brain Health
KELOLAND TV, South Dakota - August 6, 2015

Doctors have known for a few years that the Mediterranean diet can benefit your heart health and waistline. Now researchers have also found it's good for your brain health. It rated even better in studies than those on low-fat diets. "Fatty fish and


More reasons than one to take nutrition class
SDSU Collegian, South Dakota - September 24, 2014

Nutrition is a subject that is overlooked in our early education. Probably because school officials donât want us to think too hard about what is actually in school food, but it is topic that needs to be more prominent in our society. According to the Centers ...


Road Diet: Life In The Fasting Lane
KELOLAND TV, South Dakota - August 30, 2014

The road diet that went into effect last month in downtown Sioux Falls has not only slimmed-down Main Avenue, but it's also trimmed readings on speedometers.  The city of Sioux Falls reports the average traffic speed on Main Avenue has dropped 10-percent from ...


Driving On A Diet
KELOLAND TV, South Dakota - July 18, 2014

Some downtown Sioux Falls drivers are finding the new road diet on Main Avenue a little hard to swallow.  They say traffic is getting worse now that Main Avenue has been trimmed-down from three lanes to two.Main Avenue has slimmed-down by replacing pa


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