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New diet, improved health have Seahawks receiver Kasen Williams flying higher than ever
The Seattle Times

New diet, improved health have Seahawks receiver Kasen Williams flying higher than ever

The Seattle Times - August 16, 2017

Williams also changed his eating habits saying he switched to a diet heavier in fruits in vegetables including frequent stops at Pressed Juicery in Bellevue.âVegetables ...


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How to tell a healthy breakfast cereal from a nutrition impostor
KOMO News, Washington - August 18, 2017

The health and nutrition team at Consumer Reports, says choosing the right cereal is key.Start, with a whole grain. 100-percent whole grain is best ââ but at the very least, find one with a whole grain as the first ingredient. Whole grains have been linked to ...


Startup Spotlight: Vitamin Packs offers 'personalized nutrition' through subscription service
GeekWire, Washington - July 28, 2017

âNutrition is more than a one-size-fits-all approach to health â it's about understanding how your body works, what fuels it for success and how it interacts with prescription medications,â said Vitamin Packs CEO Jason Brown. âOur recommendations are ...


Better diet can mean longer life, Harvard study finds
KOMO News, Washington - July 13, 2017

Garlic can be an important element of the Mediterranean diet, which has been linked to a better quality of life, a lower risk of chronic disease and better brain health in older adults. As for the suggestion that garlic can ward off colds, boost the


Boost your brain health with the MIND diet
The Seattle Times, Washington - June 27, 2017

While both of those ways of eating have been shown to have benefits for brain health, reducing the risk of cognitive decline from dementia and Alzheimerâs disease, the MIND (Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay) diet is tailored to fit the ...


Ditch the word 'diet': It's time for a healthier relationship with food and your body
The Seattle Times, Washington - May 16, 2017

With summer approaching fast, it's easy to allow yourself to be seduced by the idea of a new diet, but if you're thinking about breaking free of the dieting trap, here are a few resources that can help you forge a saner path to a healthier, happier life.


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