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Clean Eating Diet Plan If you are searching online for information on a Clean Eating Diet Plan, click the link above and you will be taken to the sales page for a special PDF report entitled, Clean Eating", subtitled, "How and Why to Cut Out Processed Food". This PDF report, which is being made available through the website,, includes a basic overview of the approach to leading known as clean eating. Clean eating is primarily about eliminating processed foods from our diet and replacing them with organic fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry in as natural a state as possible. Clean eating is based upon the principle that processing food not only does not add anything of value to the basic nutrients included in the food, but in many cases destroys the nutrients in natural foods and, at the same time, adds chemicals, substances and toxins which are harmful. A clean eating diet plan is based upon, first and foremost, even eliminating processed foods from the diet. How you replace those foods with organic fruits, vegetables and protein sources is up to you, as you may have a preference for chicken over beef, or for rice over potatoes - in any case, as long as you have eliminated processed foods to the greatest extent possible, and every place them with foods in their natural state, you will have embarked upon a clean eating diet plan. Now, why is a clean eating diet a weight loss diet? Processed foods contribute to unwanted weight gain in several ways. Processed foods often include trans fats, which contribute to unwanted weight gain. In addition, processed foods often contain chemicals - preservatives, food colouring, and other harmful substances which the body must deal with in some way. The way the body deals with toxins is to produce fat cells known as obesogens. This is a new class of fat cells which have been created by the body in response to the toxins in our environment and in our food supply. Fruits, vegetables and grains that are grown without pesticides and herbicides and meat, poultry and fish that is raised without growth hormones and other unnatural chemicals do not contain toxins, and by replacing processed foods in our diet with clean, unprocessed foods in as natural estate as possible, we lose weight. Once again, if you are searching on you to for a Clean Eating Diet Plan, I invite you to click on the link below: I hope that this video has been of value and recommend that if you are still searching for information on clean eating, that you do so with the following search terms: Clean eating grocery list clean eating menu clean eating for beginners clean eating guide clean eating basics clean eating for weight loss clean eating benefits clean eating lifestyle clean eating recipes clean eating meal plan clean eating plan Once again, click the link below to be taken to the sales page for the PDF report entitled, "Clean Eating":

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